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Since its foundation, the Swordfish brand has set itself a specific goal, to create high quality sports equipment, characterized by the use of excellent materials and an attractive design, while maintaining a competitive and affordable price. To achieve this purpose, we have worked hard every day and the result of this long and constant effort is visible in the products we offer. We have developed a selection of sport equipment equipped with advanced technologies and with great care to the smallest details, to offer the user a unique experience. Much has changed since 1998 but not our way of understanding sport. Fun and safety remains the two cornerstones on which every outdoor activity must be based. For this reason, in order to perfectly combine these two factors, we constantly aim to produce products that are better. Evolution never stops, every day there are new technologies and innovative materials to be tested to improve our offers. Whether it’s snowshoes or inflatable SUP boards, what distinguishes the products from Swordfish is the quality of the structure and the refined design, elements that makes the products appreciated and recognizable by beginners and professional athletes.

In the snow
If you like walking on the snow, perhaps with the family, then snowshoes and sleds are the perfect solutions for you. You can use them to have multiple hours of fun and enjoy the landscape!
At the sea
If you can’t wait to go out on the open sea, with our inflatable SUP boards you can paddle on the water without worries. Discover all the models and accessories available.
Mountain, what a passion!
Reaching the highest peaks and looking at the world from a unique perspective. Those who love hiking in the mountains know how much these two aspects are a source of great satisfaction and that it is worth the effort to reach the goal.
Snowshoes and sleds
Mountain equipment of superior quality for the enjoyment of adults and children. Unparalleled sturdiness, maximum safety and absolute comfort. Ready to take a walk in the snow?
Swordfish - Sports Equipment - Live the adventure!
Swordfish - Sports Equipment - Live the adventure!
Swordfish - Sports Equipment - Live the adventure!
Wave upon wave
The sea, the beach, the summer. It is impossible to resist the temptation to jump into the water, grab the paddle and push yourself out in balance on a paddle board. SUP has become extremely popular in recent years and the number of fans is constantly increasing.
Inflatable SUP boards
Choose your favorite model and start the adventure! In our selection you will also find the best accessories such as ankle leash, carbon fiber paddles, waterproof bags and much more!
Swordfish - Sports Equipment - Live the adventure!
Swordfish - Sports Equipment - Live the adventure!
Swordfish - Sports Equipment - Live the adventure!
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